Web Design

Web Design with a personall touch. 

Here at leap Inbound we dont just design your website and throw it up on a server and move onto the next site.  We take pride in developing relationships with our customers and offering great web design and inbound marketing with equally great service and support.  While we may not have the lowest prices for web design we believe that we offer the best possible value to our customers.  Despite what many believe web sites and not set it and forget it projects.  Web sites need maintenance, updating, and fresh new content on a regular basis and we want to be a long term resource for your business. 

The Web Design Process

Perhaps you have never worked on web design project or maybe you have worked on a dozen.  Here is an overview of how our process works anmd what to expect. 


Awesome,  we are thrilled to have you on board and we are excited to make your project awesome.  In phase one we will get to know you and your business and ask you to supply us with a lot of info we need to deliver our best work on your project.  We will need info on your business, indusrty, competition and we will need to get a feel for what you like and your style. 


Begin Phase 2.  We will take all the info you have supplied us and do extensive research on your business, industry and especially your competition.  From there will  begin to come up with some design and layout ideas and create the framework for your website.  During Phase 2 there may be a good deal of back and foth between our designers and your business. 


Phase 3 is when we actually design and code your site.  Our designers and developers will create your website and any special features it needs.  This phase typically takes about 2-3 weeks, but may take longer for more complex projects.


We have finished your website.  We love the way it looks and fucntions, but you have the final say on what happens next.  Your new site is put up on a test server and sent to you for review.  Our advice is to have several people review the site. 


Phase 5 is the testing and revisions phase.  Here our customers will review and test the website that we have created.  We will take any feedback and make the appropriate changes and resubmit until the website is ready to rock and roll.  Great thorough coomunication during phase 1 will help the review and revision process go smoothly. 


Homestreatch.  We now put your website on a high speed scaleable server and get the entire site configured and operating correctly.  Then there is one final review between us and you. Once all functions are working and the site is ready it is launched to the world.  After that we typically host, manage, update and maintain the website. 

Web design should be personal, lets get acquianted. 

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