Social Media Marketing

We can help you plan a social strategy. 

Leap Inbound can not ahndle all of your social media needs for you, but we can help guide you and help you create a stategy that is right for your business.  We specialize in creating strategies and managing paid social campaigns. 

How Leap inbound helps with Social.

You know your business and customers better then we do.  We can not handle all social media aspect for you, but we can offer the following service to help you succed with social media. 

Paid Social ad managment

Social networks are making it harder on advertisers to target relevant users.  Leap has been managing paid social ads since they began.  We can help you get seen on FB, Insta and Linkedin. 

Strategy consultation

Social media is not for everyone. We will evaluate your business and make suggestions on how to reach potential customers without being invasive. 

Tracking and reporting

Leap inbound can track your social media accounts and analyize what tactics are working and whether or not you are seein any ROI and determine if SMM (social media marketing) is right for your business.