Single Page Websites

Singe Page Websites aka. pageless sites. 

Pageless sites have become very popular the past few years and for very good reason. Single page websites are perfect for resturants, local service businesses, basic info sites, personal sites and eCommerce site with less then 6 products.  Single page sites are also very easy to navigate especially on mobile devices. Pageless sites can also typically be deployed faster then a traditional multipage site. Contact leap inbound today to see if a single page site is right for you or your business. 

Single page websites – Pros:


Less to manage

Less content, less images and less website to manage. No need to worry about broken links or other pages. 


Lower prices

Building one page site typically cost less then building a standard 5+ page website.  Typically design time is also shorter. 


Great for mobile

Single page sites display great on mobile and since scrolling down is the only navigation they can easily be digested. 

Single page websites – Cons:


Bad for SEO

Search engines like tons of content and a high volume of pages. Single page sites simply can’t satisfy the search engines as well.  Very careful onpage SEO should be done and the page should be broken down into specific sections and each section optimized for keywords and content. 


Lots of scrolling

Single page websites do require a lot of scrolling.  Adding some toggle buttons to specific sections helps, but some people will not like that.  Keeping your graphics and content interesting will help keep your visitors scrolling and taking in your content. 


Limited content

A pageless website is only going to look good and read well witha certain amount fo content.  Make sure to plan your content well,  Too much or too little content and the page will be ineffective. 

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