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PPC Ad Managment

Leap Inbound can create, monitor, split test, analyze and optimize your PPC campaigns to be PROFITABLE!

Google ads management

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click, it is a online advertising tactic that allows advertisers (you) to create and show text and image ads all over the internet and only pay for the ads when a user clicks on your ad.  

Sounds awesome right? It certainly can be a great way to bring in a ton of highly targeted visitors to your site. However without the proper skills and knowledge of PPC platforms and tactics your campaign will lose money. 

PPC platforms such as Google ads and Facebook ads are extremely complex and offer advertisers and incredible amount of options and control when it comes to managing, analyzing and optimizing campaigns.  For the average business owner or in house marketer this can be overwhelming to say the least.  Becoming proficient with these platforms requires a serious commitment.  The learning curve is very steep. The dangerous part about PPC is that almost anyone can set up a campaign and run ads, but to create a profitable campaign takes time and skill.

Advertisers that are serious about PPC hire  agencies Like Leap Inbound to manage their campaigns.  

Why Choose Leap Inbound for your PPC campaigns?

We Never Stop Testing

Unless every click you get converts we will be testing variables and running experiments in your campaign at all times. Testing and analyzing is what make campaigns profitable.

Google, Bing and FB Certified

We know the platforms we run ads on, very well. With PPC knowledge and experience are power. In the wrong hands or attempting to DIY almost always lead to losing money on PPC.

Collaboration is Key

We know PPC, but we do not know your business. We want to work together to Learn about your business and teach you about PPC and marketing. Combining your knowledge of you business with our PPC acumen will lead to profits.

Ads Are Not Everything

Success in PPC is half ads and half your ability to convert those visitors. Your ads may perform great but if your site is not converting them we will consult on designing higher converting landing pages and calls to action.

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