eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce Web Design. 

Leap Inbound has over 10 years of eCommerce web design and we are experts in creating sites that are stylish, finctional and optimized for search  and conversions.  
Selling online is a substantial undertaking and having a partner with experience to guide you can make the difference between being profitable and losing money.  

eCommerce site pricing factors

Here are some of the factors that will effect the cost t have your eCommerce website built.  Prices for eCommerce site can range wildly depending on the factors below.  We have done eCommerce sites from $2500.00 all the way to over $50K.


Integrating your online store with existing software like accounting, managment, CRM or shipping software will add extra cost to your project. The time and efficency savings ussually far outweight the design cost, but it is important to realize that these integrations will help your business runs smoothly despite the extra cost to create.

Number of products

We suggest having your web designer enter the first few products into your new online store. After that you should learn to manage your products in your ecommerce store.  If you have hundreds or thousands of products it will save you to have a data feed of these rpoducts to automatically be imported into your site.  The cost to manually add products can quickly eat up your budget. 

Static vs. customizable products

The type of products you are selling will effect the complexity of your ecommerce managment system.  For example if you are selling simple items like books your cost will not be as high if you are selling custom printed apparel where users need to upload designs and pick from hundreds of variables.  

Need for product variations

Customizable products need to have variations. For example a printing company may offer a business card product with the follwing variables- size, paper stock, printing method, shape, gloss coating, quantity discounts and turnaround times.  The more variations that need to be programmed wil effect the cost of your eCommerce website design. 

Number of pages / page layouts

 The number of page style you need created will effect your development prices.  For example if you need a homepage, category pages, sub category pages, product pages, product detail pages, and more the price will be higher. 

Development time.

This one is simple.  If you need your website faster then your web developers turn around time, plan on paying a higher price for the rush service. 

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