Discovery Form

Discovery form




1 . Do you currently have a website, if yes please enter your URL (web address) here

2 . Tell us about your business and be as detailed as you like.

3 . Tell us what your goals are with your new website.

4 . What are you hoping the new site will do for your business?

5 . Tell us about your typical and ideal customers.

6 . Have you done digital (internet based marketing) in the past?

7 . Tell us about your current marketing activities.

8 . Are you able to track ROI or results from these marketing activities?

9 . Who are your biggest competitors? Names and websites please.

10 . What makes your business unique in your industry or amung your competitors.

11 . Share with us a few websites that you really like the look and feel of.

12 . Share with us a few of your competitors sites that you really like.

13 . What type of marketing do you plan on doing for your new website?

14 . Tell us what colors you would like to see on your website.

15 . What special functions does your website need to have? ie contact form, shopping cart, memberships, Quickbooks integration etc. Be as detailed as possible.

16 . Upload your logo.

17 . Do you have a specific budget in mind for designing your new website? Feel free to use a range or max budget.

18 . Do you have a marketing plan in place for your new site? If so tell us about it.

19 . Do you have a marketing budget for your new website? Feel free to use a range or max budget per month.

20 . Are you planning to host the site yourself or do you need hosting?

21 . Are you looking to update your site regularly or is the site just for static general information?