We are thrilled to provide the following proposal to


Dear Christian,

I first want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to offer a proposal on your project and for taking the time to speak with me on Thursday. 

This proposal is the formal offer from Leap Inbound to create a new website for Autouplinktech.com.  I have thoroughly read and understand your requirements for this project and we are able to meet these needs without question and in fact plan to exceed these needs. 

Here is a quick outline of how we plan to execute this project.  LI (leap Inbound) typically takes a week to do initial research on your existing site, competitor’s sites and on your industry as a whole. This may involve several phone calls and many emails back and forth. 

After our initial research phase we begin to create the website on our testing server. This includes page creation, navigation and overall framework of the site.  We prefer to create and make adjustments online this allows you and your colleagues to follow along, make suggestions  and offer feedback. 

Upon completion of the website on our testing server we will migrate the site to your live server and perform a final round of testing to ensure all pages render properly on all devices and browsers and to ensure all functions work properly.  

The last phase is to teach you and your staff how to properly use the website. This includes adding blog posts, creating new pages and keeping the site updated and secure. LI is also available to help perform any needed changes or updates after the site is launched.  Additional services and maintenance agreements will be explained in the recommendations section of this proposal. 

Thanks again for the opportunity to bid on your web design project and please contact me directly with any questions, ideas or concerns. 

Steve McKillip
Cell – 704-996-0566


Scope of Work

Task to be completed for this project are as follows:


  1. Researching Autouplinktech’s business, competitors and industry to better understand the business, competition and industry in order to create a superior online presence that will stand out as and industry leader. 
  2. Creation of new website using the WordPress platform and CMS (content managment system).
    a. Site will be fully responsive to all devices including PC, Tablets,  and Smartphones
    b. Site will render properly on all browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, 
    c. Creation approximately 32-42 unique pages that share a common look and feel and a unified site navigation. 
    d. Integrate clients existing lead Generation forms into approx 11-20 pages. 
    e. Create visually appealing graphics for the web pages that adhere to Autouplinktechs brand style using both stock images, custom designed graphics and images supplied by Autouplinktech
    f. Write compelling sales and informative page copy as needs throughout the site.  
    *keep Autouplinktech informed of changes as they happen and make adjustments as needed based on feedback. 
  3. Migrate website from LI servers to Autouplinktech’s server with Digital Ocean and create a directory for the new website and set site to display under SSL encyption (https).
  4. Provide training to Autouplinktech’s staff on how to manage the new website including adding blog posts, creating new pages, updating the site and security. This training can take place in person, via phone or screen share video. Additional training resources may also be supplied by LI including instructional videos and how to guides. 

Time Frame

Research – 1 week

Web design – 4 – 5 weeks

Launch – 1 week

Training – 8 Hours at Autouplinktechs request.

Start date – LI is available to start this project immediatly after awarding of the project.

*Any feedback and change requests are not factored into the time frame above and may extend the time needed to complete the project.



Full scope of project as outlined above – $14,000.00

Payment terms:
50% deposit ($7000.00) to begin project
50% Final payment after completion of website Launch on Autouplinktech server. ($7000.00)

* in the event of a client side delay final payment will be due 15 days after completion of web design phase. 

Why Choose Leap Inbound?

Here is why we would make a great partner for Autouplinktech. 

  • We do not take on more than we can handle. We know what we are good at and we stick to it. We only work with a set number of clients at a time. This allows us to be more responsive and give your project the attention it deserves.
  • We do not offer marketing services to competing businesess. We feel it is unethical to have competing clients in the same market space. We feel this would detract from the results of both clients. Integrity in design and marketing are key to building lasting relationships.
  • If we do not feel confident that we can deliver a project within budget or deliver the results a client is expecting we do not take on the project.  We offer suggestions and advice  in regards to web design and marketing, We dont just complete tasks.
  • Service after the sale. LI want to be a reliable partner for your business for years to come. 


LI is strives to make our clients websites better and find new ways to help grow their business through inbound marketing, online advertising and conversion optimization.  Based on what we already know about Autouplinktechs business we would offer the following recomendations:

-Ongoing content and SEO to increase visitors. 
-Conversion optimization and A/B testing for lead generation pages. 
-Ongoing support retainer for site maintenance and updates. 

*recommendations are simply suggestions and are not included in the scope of the project*



Thanks again for the opportunity.  Feel free to send over any questions or feedback or call me anytime.  I really hope we get the chance to earn your business and become a valuable partner to your business. 

Steve McKillip
Cell – 704-996-0566